Sap Flow Gauge Parts List

sap flow gauge 3d render

In order to use the gauge, you'll need to: 1. Build the gauge head; and 2. Connect the gauge head to your microcontroller.

Gauge Head Parts

Digikey links provided for convenience, but feel free to order from your favorite electronic components distributor.

PartLinkQuantity Needed Per Gauge
HDC2080 Temperature & Humidity Sensor (6-WSON Package)
DMN3051L-7 Logic Level Mosfet (SOT23 Package)
100 Ohm Resistor (1206 Package)
270 Ohm Resistor (0603 Package)
5K Ohm Resistor (0603 Package)
10K Ohm Resistor (0603 Package)
0.1 uF Capacitor (0603 Package)

Gauge Head Connector Parts

You can use any method you'd like to connect the 5 pins (HEAT, 3V3, GND, SCL, SDA) from the gauge head to your microcontroller. We've had good results using RJ11 connectors with CAT3 ethernet cables up to ~10 feet (~3 meters).

RJ11 Breakout Board
RJ11 Female Connector